Professional caregivers working mobile or in remote environments need duly and appropriate information about their care case.  However, they are struggling to deliver the best care quality for their patients, even in the present technologically advanced day we live in. 

Often documentation and administration are still handwritten on paper which takes a staggering amount of a caregiver’s time.  Therefore, patients often fall short.   Moreover, the care process is affected by low quality data and delays of vital information exchange which leads to miscommunication between different care professionals.


A supporting system for caregivers was missing – till now.

SemCare Artemis is a mobile assistance designed for health care professionals such as case managers, mobile nurses, mobile doctors and mobile therapists.  

Artemis is functional on mobile technologies such as tablet, pads, etc.   Important patient information can be easily saved directly on the application. 


  • Consistency in Use:


  • Artemis enables for our solution to be accessible around the clock and wherever you are, with or without internet connection. 
  • Users can quickly add notes or retrieve needed information regarding each patient. 


  • Security in Authorization:


  • All documentation is safe and secured on our own semantic server.  
  • Users can now reduce the time spent on administrative work and increase quality of care: that’s what really matters.

Reduce the time spent on administrative work by up to 50%

and increase quality of care: that’s what really matters!

Patient’s Profile


Care Report




Routine Checklist


Time Registration


Secure Real-Time Connection


Create a health profile for your patients within seconds! Starting from basic information like name, age and gender you can also document medical and social conditions. All in one place and easy to update.


Speed up the documenting and make it even more precise! semcare replaces the outdated handwritten report. With exact instructions in several languages, easy to understand symbols and drop-down menus, it will greatly simplify the care documentation process.


semcare helps you with medication! It gives you all the information you need: what medicine to administer, dosage and time. All easily accessible at one place. So you never risk forgetting or confusing something.



Never was doing the daily routine easier! Customize your patients care services with our standardized checklist. Clear instructions and guidelines will assure that the caregiver team knows exactly what to do.



Keep track of your home care visits! With each caregiver having their own identification number, you can see who was with the client at what time.




Get secure and real time patient information that is updated and synchronized between the mobile device and the server once a secure connection is established. This will make instant information exchange between care partners much easier!