Key Points in a Successful Medical Platform

Caring for the health of a group of patients starts with addressing them individually.

As such, every patient, of course, is unique in having their own past background, precise health needs, and future next steps to plan. A proper holistic care medical platform on the market today needs to address these key points of individual care in an organized and detailed manner. This being said, the solution of a health firm’s choice should not only address the needs of patients, but as well as the company in managing employees and tracking financial statuses forward.

In this article, we’ll take a closer look at the importance of having a software solution that is able to balance both responsibilities: external (in terms of patients ‘care) and internal (related to the company’s administrative processes).

Addressing the needs of the patient in care

According to a recent study by Johns Hopkins Medical Center, more than 250,000 people in the United States die every year because of medical mistakes, making it the third leading cause of death after heart disease and cancer. Issues in unnecessarily prolonged follow-ups, mismanagement of health consultation, and disorganized information are all – unfortunately – key payers in this statistic and day-to-day reality. To counter these daily pain points that add to this statistic, by having an organized platform that stores information neatly, this reduces the risk of information getting lost and medical errors.

With the continuous threat challenge of data mismanagement ever-present in the medical world today, proper organization is more important than ever in order to allow enforce for better improving patient care. By centralizing patient data into distinct profiles, a management team is better able to store and access data related to demographic information, insurance information, medical histories, medications, and reasons for medical visits.
In 2018, the healthcare sector saw 15 million patient records compromised in 503 breaches, three times the amount seen in 2017. As such, data security in the modern health world is a key factor towards success in managing patient care. Being aware of the threats that exist in security management is important for every health team. Medical platforms, at their highest level of performance, need to allow physicians to share medical profiles and ensure that information per patient is stored neatly and safely. When it comes down to storing, organizing, and accessing information, medical health professionals can feel reassured when their solution can implement proper safety measures in identifying who comes in interaction with the patients’ data and when. Safety is most prioritized through ensuring that each user of a health platform has their own level of authorization that is monitored by an administrator frequently.
In continuation, a medical platform in the modern day should facilitate patient scheduling; allowing medical providers to easily schedule manage appointments with their patients, register them, and choose a reason for their visit. Working as a team is essential as well – therefore, your software should simplify operations in planning next steps forward per patient. Task management will allow medical staff to add tasks, track task statuses, assign priorities, and set deadlines. Furthermore, in the spirit of collaboration, communication features allow medical staff to schedule and track patient visits through emails notes, text messages, calls, and reminders for important events. Risk management is a key component in medical care and the best way to protect a patients’ health is through an organized process.

Addressing the needs of the health firm towards growth

Dealing with the needs of the patient is fundamental, as is dealing with the needs of employee and company as a whole.
Just as we mentioned that it’s important to be organized with patient information, an employee should be on-boarded into a health firm properly by having their information centralized organized information organized as well. The best way to ensure that external operations are being optimized is to ensure that the internal processes are as well. Medical software cannot be purely and simply “medical” in terms of functionalities – they need to take into consideration the context (being a hospital, a clinic – places of work for many of the workforce today).
Human Resource Management, within the scope of healthcare, touches on many elements – scheduling, managing one’s staff, and training just to name a few. Therefore, health firms should be empowered by using a platform that addresses all these points in detail.
Providing the kind of career development opportunities an employee desires can be costly, but the costs of constantly hiring and training replacements are far higher. In order to see the long-term, tracking progress of an employee’s performance over time is necessary to ensure that they’re learning, helping, and growing within your staff.
In link with Human Resources Management is ensuring that a health firm is staying afloat from a business standpoint. Therefore, financial management functionalities can come in handy in providing robust accounting features like payroll and timesheet management, accounts receivable/payable, etc. Understanding where your health firm stands is essential in order to make right decisions forward.

Overall, health management continues to grow as a need in the modern health world, as the global healthcare CRM market is projected to be worth $17.4 billion by 2023. With continued expansion and demand of medical profile management platforms, their presence within the North American market will continue to take great shape. By satisfying needs in managing patient care and employee operational and administrative needs, health platforms, in the digital age, more than ever are a fundamental bridge between care planning and consultative action.
As a whole, balancing the needs of the patient and the company are fundamental in ensuring the success of medical platform in the modern health age.

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